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What is this “RSS” thing with websites?

I’m sure there are many out there who often wonder when browsing through sites what those “RSS” or “Subscribe to my feed” buttons are all about. They typically look something like this: JAM Technologies feed.

RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication. This tool allows bloggers and publishers to easily syndicate or share their updates with subscribers in a standardized format. Here’s how it works:

If you have a blog and would like to “burn” a feed, you can create a feedburner account as part of your google main account (this is just an example…there are a few ways of burning one). Feedburner will ask you to enter your URL or web address (i.e. After 2 steps it will spit out your feed (i.e.

Now that you have your feed, what do you do with it? Well…the options in feedburner actually walk you through the various ways it can be used. In the “socialize” tab you can attach the feed to a twitter profile. From Twitter, you can go into applications and link your Twitter profile to your Facebook profile. In essence what you’ve done is set up your blog to auto-tweet and then post to facebook without doing anything except updating your blog. Hopefully, what this does is drive traffic back to your blog via twitter and facebook accounts.

How RSS woks with Social Networks

Social Network Integration

This is called social network integration and is only a fraction of what RSS can do for you. Individuals can also subscribe directly to the feed from your website and read postings through “feedreaders.” If email subscriptions are also set up, your subscribers will get an automatic email with your updates. This means that unlike before when a company had to email updates or press releases to interested parties via mailing lists and the nightmares commonly associated with them, this email is automatically generated by Google Feedburner…and it’s FREE!

If you’d like JAM Technologies to help you even with sites you may already have, contact us right away!


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